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There are five different fruit flavors. Bai Flavored Waters are Antioxidant infused beverages that deliver delicious fruity refreshment without unwanted sugar and calories. The Bai drink flavors have been inspired by places all over the world. When it comes to pre-made manufactured tea that you buy in a bottled this one is very good and extremely affordable it tastes great. Taylors of Harrogate is a reputed English tea brand with a history dating back to the late 1800s, and this gift set is a great option for any tea lover. No artificial sweeteners. non-gmo. Target / Grocery / Beverages / bai : Tea (2) ... No artificial flavors. This tea is made from a single bud and two leaves, which gently unfold in your tea pot, resembling the petals of a peony blossom, hence its name. With 1 gram of sugar and no artificial sweeteners, these real brewed creations take your taste bud’s flavorful imagination and make it a reali-tea. ... Flavored Waters. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are withered, rolled, oxidized / fermented, and dried or fired to produce a strong, full-bodied flavor. Healthy Alternatives to Water and Bai ‍Tea: Any form of tea -- black, green, white, oolong -- will contain a good amount of antioxidants. With just 5 calories, 1 gram of sugar per serving, and no artificial sweeteners, your taste buds will become entangled in one true brew romance after another. Indiastea presents to you the infusion of Chocolate, Chilli, Saffron, Acai Mango and all the core flavors that you savor, in a cup. White Christmas. Featuring Narino Peach Tea, Paraguay Passionfruit Tea, Rio Raspberry Tea, and Tanzania Lemonade Tea flavors, the Bai Supertea Variety Pack is a delicious choice you can feel super about. This variety can be found in tea plantations throughout Fujian province. As an example, the black tea flavors of a Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea. Bai contains 70mg of caffeine per bottle, or about 35 mg per serving – an amount similar to that found in a cup of green tea, and less than what you would in a typical cup of coffee. Silver Needle is the crème de la crème when it comes to white tea. All Rights Reserved. ... Bai Socorro Sweet Super Tea - 6pk/18 fl oz Bottles. With only five calories in every serving, this drink is a great way to feel refreshed and relaxed. Taking all the facts into account, Bai appears to be safe for diabetics. Bai Mudan, literally ‘White Peony,’ is a full-bodied, floral white tea made from one pluck of the leaf shoot and two young leaves. Another popular iced tea favorite is Tung Ting, which offers a smooth, nutty taste, 9. Bai’s flavorful peach tea offered a not-too-sweet, but tasty drink that refreshed me after a long afternoon. Popular flavors include Taiwanese Bai Ho, which features crisp and fruity flavors as well as Chinese Da Hong Pao, which is earthy. With only 10 calories and 1 gram of sugar per serving, Bai Supertea is the only low-calorie tea available on the market that is sweet without using artificial sweeteners. Bai works to deliver low calorie, bold fruity flavor so that you don’t have to sacrifice. That’s because the answer is always these bold flavored, real-brewed teas. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Careers. Popular flavors include Taiwanese Bai Ho, which features crisp and fruity flavors as well as Chinese Da Hong Pao, which is earthy. Taking all the facts into account, Bai appears to be safe for diabetics. The result is a tea with a rich, woodsy aroma that excites the senses even before brewing. The peach flavor is insanely delicious. Bai Supertea Variety Pack. Nariño Peach Tea. Sale. Taste the exotic real-fruit flavors of Bai Zambia Bing Cherry, infused with antioxidants and vitamins, all without any artificial sweeteners. Tribute Eyebrow (Gong Mei): Grown in China’s provinces of Guangxi and Fujian, it has a bold, fruity flavor similar to oolong tea. Also it isn't like most peach tea a taste like sugar water with a hint of peach. Black Tea. Bai Iced Tea, Supertea Variety Pack, Crafted with Black Tea and White Tea, 18 Fluid Ounce Bottles, 12 count, 3 each Socorro Sweet Tea, Narino Peach Tea, Tanzania Lemonade Tea, Rio Raspberry Tea 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,212 $23.88$23.88 ($0.11/Fl Oz) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save

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