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We have a vast selection of Equine Feeds, Stud, Racing, Condition, Performance, Fibre, Balancers, Leisure, Supplements and Additives. When feeding Fibre Plus Nuggets to replace a significant proportion of a horse?s hay intake, they should preferably be given in small, regular meals to ensure a steady intake of fibre and to encourage chewing and promote healthy digestion. The advanced online tool → Products. Find out which of our feeds is most suited to your horse or pony. Composition: Baileys Feed Ingredients Ingredient Background Recruitment Competition T&C's ... UK Stockists ← Stockists; UK Stockists . (The table below is intended as a guide only) Select Language . Four Elms Mills, Bardfield Saling, Braintree, Essex CM7 5EJ, UK +44 (0) 1371 850 247. Store in a cool dry place. 14.2 - 15 409 2.0/ 4.5 If you’re not sure what to feed, simply answer the following series of questions about your horse, as truthfully as you can, and we’ll give you some suggestions as to which feed … Baileys everyday high fibre mix is a complementary compound feedstuff formulated to be fed as the sole concentrate source to horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate work. Spiller high fibre cubes feature the unique bio active system provides blend of natural fibre sources that help support gut health and digestion. Find a stockist. Analysis: Estimated digestible energy MJ/kg: 10.0 Protein 9.5% Oil 4.0% Fibre 12.0% Ash 8.0% Vit A 9,400 iu/kg Vit D3 1,400 iu/kg Vit E 80.0 iu/kg, The All rounder Course Mix is a brilliant low energy and calorie mix for those good - natured gallopers in light work. The Thoroughfare, Halesworth, IP19 8AP Telephone: 01986 573454. Gamme granulés désormais disponible en vrac, Big-Bag et container . Find your nearest stockist of Bailey roofing, UK leaders in commercial eco roofing systems. 16.2 + 591 3.0/ 6.6 Fully approved by the laminitis trust as suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Oil 3.5%, Protein 12.00%, Fibre 20.0%, DE9.0%, Calcium 1.0%, Salt 1.0%, If you have a horse that has a sensitive digestive system then Topspec UlsaKind is highly recommended. We would recommend that you phone a retailer to make sure that they have a product in stock, or can get it, before you travel there. Analysis: Oil (%) 2.75 Protein (%) 10.0 Fibre (%) 20.0 Starch (%) 10.0 Vitamin A (iu/kg) 10,000 Vitamin D (iu/kg) 1,500 Hi fibre Horse and Pony Cubes are just that - high fibre crunchy cubes, perfect for good-natured gallopers at rest or in light work. If you would like to find more retailers in your area, please complete the Find Your Local Stockist enquiry form. Don�t be without TopSpec UlsaKind in your larder of equine goodies. Stockists of Baileys Horse Feed Angram Rd, Long Marston, York, North Yorks YO26 7LR Phone: 01904 738566. Protein 9%, Oil 2.5%, Fibre 13% Additives (per kg) Nutritional Additives Vitamins: Vitamin A (E672) 8,200IU/kg Vitamin D3 (E671 1,200IU/kg (as cholecalciferol) Vitamin E (Ea700) 80IU/kg (alpha tocopherol acetate) UlsaKind is not a complete food and, as such, contains no added vitamins or trace elements and is meant to be added to TopSpec feed balancer or supplement. Horses are grazers that eat steadily each day, as opposed to feasting on one or two bigger meals at certain times. 15.2 - 16 500 2.5/ 5.5 We stock a wide variety of horse feeds, we have our Own Brand Forage Range, Baileys, Dodson & Horrell, Spillers, Saracen, Thrive, Allen & Page, Coolstance, TopSpec, Honeychop, Dengie, Devon & Easy Pack haylage and many more.... . Dodson & Horrell have manufactured high-quality animal feed for over 80 years. 625 16.2 - 17.2 Eventer, Thoroughbred X. Leisure Horse Feed. Feeding Guide: Nutrient: Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 10.1 Oil (%) 5.0 Protein (%) 10.5 Fibre (%) 13.5 Starch (%) 22.0 Vitamin A (iu/kg)10,000 Vitamin D (iu/kg) 1,500 Vitamin E (iu/kg) 200 Selenium (mg/kg) 0.3 Copper (mg/kg) 40.0 Zinc (mg/kg) 120, Suitable for horses and ponies with low to medium energy requirements. Black Bear Lane, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 0WB Telephone: 01638 664619 . Alimentation chevaux, conditions/performances. Baileys Horse Feeds. Analysis: Digestible energy 10MJ/kg, Protein 10%, Oil 4%, Fibre 16%, Ash 7.5%. 500 15 - 16hh Thoroughbred/X, Arab, 1.6kg Buy Horse Feed Online, including Baileys Horse Feeds, Dr.Green Cool Mix, Spillers Horse & Pony Cubes, Dengie Hi-Fi Original Horse feed, Dodson & Horrell Leisure Mix and a whole lot more. Jonkdesign. Free from whole oats, the cereals are carefully micronised for maximum digestibility, whilst soya oil provides essential fatty acids for excellent coat condition and is an additional source of slow release energy. The micronised cereals provide highly digestible starch to help minimise digestive upsets and excitability. Composition: Oatfeed, micronised barley, wheatfeed, micronised wheat, nutritionally improved oat straw, molasses, micronised maize, micronised peas, extracted sunflower meal , soya oil, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vitamins and minerals, calcenised magnesite. Copyright © Farm & Pet Place. Stockists of Baileys Horse Feed Unit 2 North Dorset Business Park, Rolls Mill … 14. Feeding Instructions Alternatively, if you would like some help getting a product into your local stockist, please do call our Sales Office on 01371 850 247 (option 1), or e-mail, Four Elms Mills, Bardfield Saling, Braintree, Essex CM7 5EJ, UK. Crude Ash 2.5% What more could you want for your horse? 12.2 - 13 227 1.1/ 2.4 Carefully controlled levels of cereal starch and sugar will help promote positive behaviour in your horse or pony. Arab X, Welsh Cob, TopSpec UlsaKind cubes are immensely digestible and promote beneficial bacteria in the hindgut which helps to maintain a healthy hindgut environment. ive seen a horse feed over here called, 'Havens' and they do sell it in the tack shop 'Tranco' check my website for more details Havens website is its in english they do a good range of feed. A complementary feedingstuff. Baileys’ advanced Feed Finder will help you select the right feed for your horse as well as calculating just how much to feed. Iron (E1) 40mg (Ferrous sulphate monohydrate) Iodine (E2 1.2mg (Calcium Iodate, anhydrous) Cobalt (E3) 0.2mg (Cobaltous carbonate monohydrate) Copper (E4) 28mg (Cupric Sulphate pentahydrate) Manganese (E5) 48mg (Manganese Oxide) Zinc (E6) 64mg (Zinc Oxide) Selenium (E8) 0.28mg (Sodium Selenite) Garlic and mint are also renowned for their nutritional properties aiding digestion and promoting healthy a respiratory system. Dengie Meadow Grass.

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