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Large Yucca House Plant Easy to Grow and Undemanding Spineless Yucca, Long Lasting, 1 x Yucca Elephantipes Plant in a 17cm Pot by Thompson and … Twisted yucca is also named Texas yucca, rock yucca, and twisted-leaf yucca. Try again. They range in hardiness where all can be grown in milder parts of the country and many over all of the UK. Larger forms gradually loose the lower leaves to expose a trunk. Y. elephantipes is a great indoor plant and commonly available. Blueish green sword shaped leaves and very similar in appearance to Yucca gloriosa except the foliage is softer, more curved hence one of the common names being Soft Leaved Yucca. See more ideas about yucca plant, yucca, plants. Outdoor Yucca plant Established in pot ready to plant out. You must, however, watch out for the different seasons to maximize the yield. Yucca Gloriosa is a lovely looking architectural plant, that can adapt to all areas of the garden its has green sword like leaves that are extremelt sharp, this should be taken into consideration when picking a planting position, Its an absoulute must for any tropical themed or Mediterranean type garden, its fully hardy and looks equally good in the pot or ground.. Its twisting sword-shaped leaves are bright green to dark green. You may prune before the plant blooms, though yucca trees are most commonly pruned after they bloom. They do require well drained soil and plenty of sun. You have to be sure to leave plenty of room to grow a yucca, as a mature plant can reach up to 3 feet (91+ cm.) Suggested planting locations and garden types The plain green Yucca aloifolia has an RHS H3 rating which means temperatures no lower than -5°C and this authority Yucca site recommends keeping them frost free. The wider range of colours and the greater hardiness compared to the likes of Phormiums means that they are a great alternative or addition to other sword shape and strappy leaved plants. FREE UK Delivery! Find Yucca Rigida multi-head!, Yucca Filifera multi-head and Yucca Rostrata' Blue Swan' Skirted! Dig over the soil thoroughly and add lots of bulky organic matter, such as planting compost, to break up heavy soils and help ensure good drainage. Yucca is ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The sword shaped strappy leaves are softer than Gloriosa and they are also low growing, clump forming and do not produce a trunk or stem. Yucca plants (shrubs variety) can be grown both indoors and out. Grasp the flower stalk, move the leaves out of the way, and make your cuts with either pruning shears, a sharp knife, or a pair of scissors. It is one of the hardiest variegated clumping Yuccas so ideal for the UK. Yucca Elephantipes Plant - Live Premium Evergreen Indoor Houseplant in 12cm Pot YUCCA POTOSINA. across. Used, Hardy Phoenix Palm Trees (Pair) Yucca likes a bright place and sun light to grow fast, but can cope with shade but slow growing water once once a week #1. outdoor yucca plant with clay pot. If you are looking for a trunked or large Yucca plant it is going to be more expensive on account of the number of years it takes for them to grow to a mature size. A wide selection of Yucca Plant for sale UK including unbeatable special offers. Bigger varieties are planted outdoors whilst smaller ones can occupy spaces indoors.Grow in indirect light close to a South facing window (1.5 m, 5 feet distance).If you have an East facing window then place them on the window shelf so that they get the morning light. Plant in good sized pots using John Innes compost. We deliver Nationwide. They can grow up to over 2 metres but not much taller so will suit most gardens. It is more or less identical to the green version just brighter. When yucca plants bloom, white flowers grow from the top center of the plant. Yucca plant Very healthy with 3 developed balanced shoots 7 foot/2.14m from the top of the pot to the top of the plant Including the pot 8 foot/2.64m Planted in terracotta pot Collection only. A sport of Yucca recurvifolia and a bright and tropical looking one at that is Yucca recurvifolia 'Monca' also more commonly known as Yucca recurvifolia 'Banana Split' which pretty much sums up its appearance. I would recommend planting Purpurea in a well drained sunny spot with some shelter from wind and excess rain such as close to a south facing wall or fence. In frost-prone areas tender yucca species … Over the last few years I have grown Yucca elephantipes outside to see how hardy they actually are. Yucca can be evergreen perennials, shrubs or trees, with dense or loose rosettes of stiff, sword-shaped leaves and tall panicles of bell-shaped flowers. As you can see from the picture above the standard green variety looks good even in January. Nov 5, 2016 - Explore J.M.S Designs's board "Yucca Plant", followed by 1111 people on Pinterest. The Palm Tree Company . Over time they will produce a trunk becoming a Yucca tree and in summer produce a tall spike of creamy white flowers which is quite spectacular. It is also just as hardy as the plain leaved variety. Y. recurvifolia is not commonly available in the UK but I think is such a good looking plant that its worth buying if you see it available. New Clear Colours ORANGE, clear view of water level. I have only recently been growing Yucca aloifolia purpurea after seeing its stand out colour and stand out tropical appearance. The sword shaped foliage is quite stiff and sharp so it should be grown close to where people or pets walk by. Price £59.95. Winter, for example, is the best time for indoor propagation. Yucca Bright Star is a beautiful looking Yucca that is also very hardy here in the UK. The tall Yuccas are the ones producing a stem as opposed to those that grow close to the ground and tend to be clumping. They do not require regular watering, even in pots. So far it has survived suffering only leaf damage to some of the leaves. There are many types of palm bearing palmate leaves and palm like trunks that happily grow across most of the UK and many will easily survive temperatures well below what we experience in Britain. ‣ https://www.hardytropicals.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=63485&sid=08e3d8d7a688dad72d4a619ffc656308#p634852 They are also very tough taking temperatures down to -15°C. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Plantpal Pack of 2 Large Watering Globes. As long as they are given the right conditions these group of plants are a relatively low maintenance plants. Yucca potosina From £ 119.00 Native to Northeastern Mexico, Texas and New Mexico this tall, treelike Yucca with gorgeous blue-green or yellowish green leaves makes an amazing addition to the garden.Hardy to both drought and frost, it is an excellent Yucca to try in the UK. 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